Will I void my new car warranty if I use Mount Druitt Automotive Service Centre?

Clever marketing has resulted in the common misconception that using an independent workshop or parts will affect your warranty.

This simply isn’t true.

The ACCC states that any qualified mechanical repairer can carry out logbook servicing as per manufacturer specifications, without compromising your New Car or Manufacturer’s Warranty.

They just completed a 12-month investigation into the new car retailing industry.

It revealed that dealerships continually withhold critical data from independent repairers.

This data is crucial to completing servicing to the manufacturer’s specifications.

That seems more than a little unfair.

They also found that dealerships enjoy an enormous 64% average gross profit margin on vehicle servicing and repairs, a margin they have fiercely protected for obvious reasons!

That’s downright outrageous!

Because the manufacturers keep telling us they won’t honour a new car warranty if the vehicle has been touched by a mechanic outside of their network, car owners are having a tough time enforcing their warranty rights.

Here are some frequently asked questions about new car warranties and servicing:

Question: A Dealer told me I’ll void my warranty if you service my car, is that right?

Fact: There is no requirement to service your car at a manufacturer’s dealership to preserve your warranty. This includes:

  • ​Any manufacturer’s warranty (that may apply to your vehicle);
  • Any state or territory based statutory warranty (that may apply to your vehicle); or
  • Your rights to Consumer Guarantees (formally known as implored statutory warranties)

Question: What steps will a mechanic take to protect my warranty?

Fact: Mount Druitt Auto mechanics are qualified to carry out ‘Log Book servicing’ and ensure that the work is completed according to the manufacturer’s pecifications, using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or, equivalent quality parts and lubricants where required.

Question: How long should my Consumer Guarantees apply?

Fact: It’s a common misconception that your Consumer Guarantees have a specific time limit.

Whilst a manufacturer may choose to put a time limit on their warranty, this cannot replace your Consumer Guarantees.

Protection provided under Australian Consumer Law will take into account the purchase price, realistic time expectations of when a failure may occur, any advertising claims, and the conditions under which a vehicle should operate.

A manufacturer’s warranty is in addition to, not in place of, your Consumer Guarantees.

Question: What if I have a warranty claim – can any mechanic fix that?

Fact: Should you have a warrantable defect, it may be a condition of the warranty that any work to replace or repair the defect is carried out at a dealer workshop/s.

Question: Can a mechanic stamp my Log Book?

Fact: After performing a ‘Log book service’, Mount Druitt Auto will stamp your log book to verify the work has been conducted by fully qualified mechanic according to manufacturer’s specifications, using appropriate quality parts

Question: Will having my car serviced regularly preserve my resale value?

Fact: Evidence of a well-maintained car, that is regular servicing recorded in your log book, is likely to result in a higher resale value.

Question: What about extended warranty or specific service plans?

Fact: Motor vehicle dealers sometimes offer their own extended warranties on vehicles, which usually kick in after the manufacturer’s warranty period, and may stipulate that the vehicle must be serviced by the actual dealer offering the warranty.

They are generally within their right to impose this condition, although we caution consumers that such warranties are not always what they seem.

Make sure you read the fine print to check for coverage loopholes.

So, don’t be fooled by bogus claims that your New Car or Manufacturer’s Warranty will be affected by having your vehicle serviced at Mt Druitt Automotive Service Centre!

Not only will Mt Druitt Automotive Service Centre mechanics keep your warranty intact, we will also save you money on your logbook servicing costs in comparison to dealership pricing.

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